Memories and stories of Dad....

I have talked about my dad many times before but in the mood to
put down all good memories online to sort of help my grief some.
After ten years the missing and grief is still there and will probably
never go away.  It's life though and eventually everyone experiences
this so you can't avoid it.  Dad and Mom both had their flaws and
issues which I have forgiven them for but I also realized over the 
years there is not one single perfect person on the planet.  God knows
I have all kinds of flaws.  The understatement of the century I'm afraid.
Despite this always felt more closer to Dad and sought his approval over
anyone.  I was a difficult kid and teenager so I sort of gave him or anyone
authority the business  at times growing up.  I feel bad about that now but
atleast we found common ground, a better relationship and apologizeds
to each other over various crap before he passed away.  I'm good on that
stuff but there is still alot I wish I could say and I miss asking his advice.


KJRY on a winter's day and fog weather shots...

Thankfully it hasn't been as cold as it was and managed to get above 35
so figuring a Westbound might pull through I  do a short drive to a few 
spots for fog winter shots to pass the time til they might pull into Canton.
I go to Bryant and take a few pictures there of the old Interurban depot 
there and the BNSF Yates City sub tracks as well as a few other random
shots.  I like weather pictures so it kind of sparked interest when I seen
how foggy it was this morning.  I go up to Cuba and head back unto 
Canton and seen no KJRY.  I figured maybe they are running another 
day or did yesterday which I didn't hear so I go home for a bit.

My Brother n law used the car and whom do I hear KJRY's horn ofcourse.
Haha My luck and timing sometimes.  I didn't think I would  catch them
at all today and Scott comes home.  I go  down to Cuba to see if I can catch
up and I see the last car depart  Cuba so I head it off at Highway 95 between
Cuba and Smithfield.  I film it there then take some pic…