Chasing KJRY west to La Harpe.

Yesterday got a heads up on a westbound KJRY with the destination La Harpe so I decided to follow it there. I finished up whatever was doing in Canton then caught them at Cuba.  When i crossed the highway 41 bridge over  BNSF and the KJRY  tracks which lie near each other seen a BNSF Coal train head south going towards Adair which would go to Beardstown.  KJRY came alone so got two trains at once in one film which was cool.  I never seen that with KJ before.  At Bushnell had to wait for them a bit  on the edge of town they were doing something. They were just out of sight other than see them back in back out over and over for a good 45 minutes. After that filmed them near Good Hope but I really like the Sciota scenery with the big grain elevators there which I wanted in full frame.  At Blandinsville caught them running along some cemetery which seemed like a cool location.  After which went to La Harpe.  They pulled up and shut down the train and secured it and the Kolbe crew left to …