This needs to be said because some people don't take the hint in
the railfan community. If a woman states she isn't interested or
the best she can offer is being friends then leave it at that. This is
exactly why there isn't more female railfans or they keep it under
wraps in case of people who can't accept when someone isn't the
least bit interested.  Women are afraid to come out because of 
some members that may stalk or creep on them as if they never 
seen a woman before let alone had one. It's so creepy. I'm a laid
back railfan who isn't afraid of having my gender known although
sometimes I have to wonder if it's wise but I'm also not afraid of
people in that way i'm concerned someone's going to physically
try something. I'm very leary and cautious of people  enough to
where I can make a good feel of what a person is like or whom to 
avoid. There are a few railfans I question and will avoid if I can
help it then there are some I can be mutual …

Railfan mobile seeing some repairs.

My vehicle also know as the train mobile...I joke about that not quite that much
of a foamer.  Today Scott is working on the back brake line but probably do an
oil change tommorrow.  We also got sold a bum tire that went flat so have to get 
a hold of the place we bought it from and see if they will refund it or exchange it.
When i get paid will try to buy a new tire  but need to get a replacement used one 
until then.  The dimmer switch for the head lights will also need changed and down
the road it will need better bulbs.  The fuel pump also needs changed and it could 
probably use a new battery and alternator.  It needs a tune up as well and more
anti freeze.  Due to a limited budget can only take care of one or two things at a
time which ticks me off but it is what it is. What do you expect after buying a used
twenty year car off someone.  /shrugs.

Old brake line:

Railcars, abandoned lines and geese

After we got some  parts to change the oil and work on the back breakline Scott 
and I took a little drive just to get out.  We checked out some Railcars and my 
main interest was the Norfolk and Western one at Rawalts and another said Grand
Western which i have no clue about. We also checked out cars on a siding outside of
Cuba too.  I want to up my game and expand to other things than focus on limited
stuff like locomotives and railroad lines. There is always more room for knowledge
and never too old to learn.

We also checked out two abandoned railroad branches one northeast of Lewistown
and the other near Fiatt, Illinois.  Then took pictures of the Old Burlington Northern
flatcar off a rarely used siding north of Lewistown. I didn't linger long nor did i touch 
anything.  I took pictures and a quick video and left.  I don't normally do something
like that but my camera zoom really sucks.  Oh well I can buy a better one down the
road it's not a top priority at the moment....fixing m…