The F's and two geeps plus old diamond.

A friend gave me a heads up on a westbound KJRY train that would likely
come through Canton today. It did a little later than i expected but not really
too long. I waited for a while down at First and talked to Kathy on the phone
for like an hour or so. I was going to film here because South First is where i
grew up and would run down to the tracks or ride my bike to watch trains in
the alley also known as Railroad street or ride my bike down to the Second or
Third Avenue areas and watch trains. But after noon I got impatient thinking
maybe they weren't going to run today but was more impatient because i had
to take a leak. Yeah yeah such talk for a lady I could hear my grandmother now.
Pfft.  Seriously why was my family so concerned about me being a lady? My
favorite was when Dad said i needed to dress and act more like a lady in the
break room of Intermet which was a foundry with people of all walks of life.
Manners were not a requirement there and Dad got me hired there so yeah

Prex #2040 yesterday

Yesterday was curious if a train would pass through Canton so went
to the track side off Second Avenue and hung around a while. While
waiting talked to friend Kathy on the phone.  After 11 am I hear a horn.
It sounded like a Geep so figured maybe Prex #2003 is leading. I was
wrong and pleasantly so it was Prex #2040 which was the only locomotive
on the westbound. I take photo's and film in a few locations west of town.
They stop out by Wee ma tuk where a crew member climbs aboard i guess
to tell the engineer about stopping in Smithfield to drop off cars and the 
Eastbound would pick them up.  After thathe leaves the train and the train
took off again.


School walk out silliness....why not tackle the real issues?

So this is national walk out of school day to protest safer schools and
what not? Why not tackle an issue that contributes to shootings in the 
place instead of fearing over guns. Gun's do not pull the trigger on 
themselves mentally disturbed people do. Why not tackle Mental illness
issues or bullying in schools that might make someone snap? See someone
bullied stand up for them or help them instead of turning a blind eye or
making fun of them to fit in. You're all entitled to your act to speak out
like I an entitled to my right to snark and state my opinions.  Why are
these kids just now walking out it's not like there hasn't been other 
incidents in previous years. I have to wonder how many really care or
just looking for an excuse to get out of the classroom for 15 minutes or so.
Back in my day you got punished for being late or skipping reguardless
but the schools are afraid to do anything in fear of law suits or the liberal
biased media coming after them. Also in today's …

Oh you lovable ( debatable) goof....

I see one of my comments on the local Peoria paper website made a certain
columnists snide article. He's quite entertaining as well as salty if anyone has
the slightest difference in opinion. This so called columnist also baits people
with controversial or various topics and he picks the ones that disagrees and
calls it snide. Oh I admit sometimes I state my opinion in snarkiness with some
shade thrown but this particular one wasn't even one of my better ones. I guess
to have a comment noticed is something i guess as if it matters in the scheme of
things he has his opinion and I have mine.  I bet he sits back and thinks he won
or has trolled people. Oh not at all I have seen trolling. Oh hell I've participate in
it from time to time over various subjects but some of our comments as readers
is just an opinion and that's that not shade being thrown but according to this
particular man it is.  Much salt and soreness for one butt.

It's no secret down stater's are not fond of C…

Accidental catch and a plane to cheer me up...

Well yesterday didn't start off well my husband was manic and 
arguemenative with everyone in the house. Let's just say  some 
yelling and me actually crying happened. That's rare when I cry.
I hold stuff back so much it usually comes out in an angry outburst,
Well not yesterday Miss waterworks here actually shed tears. I didn't
think that was possible I have been numb for quite some time. Well
anyway I got mad walked out to go run errands for my mom. I was
in the shirt i sleep in, my hair was a mess basically i was a hot mess
and a train wreck. My eyes were red& the face was red due to me
breaking down. So after i pick up my mom all mentally exhausted
I hear a Westbound KJRY coming so I go catch it and snap a  few
pictures. I didn't have the digital camera with me. I usually take it
just in case but was distracted and left in a hurry just to get away
from the bickering. He was bickering with his brother too. Ugh.

KJRY was lead by FP9A Prex #1752 followed by Prex #1761, Prex