Another great bites the dust.

This is just an opinion so if you're not a Linkin Park fan this probably wouldn't effect  you much. Reguardless a human being struggling took their own life. While I do think going down that path hurts others I also know this struggle because I have been down the path where the depression or problems were so much just wanted the pain to stop by any means.  I do not promote it but I understand having those feelings.  This morning someone according to reports found that the lead singer Chester Bennington hung himself taking his own life. Why is this  important to me? Well   Linkin Park's music has helped me cope with my own demons  quite a few times and I used to love to jam to them before or after work.  I mean I listened to them alot and not just because of the musical aspect of it but the lyrics of the songs.  I tend to listen to music I can personally relate to by listening to lyrics or just feel to the sound.  I'm probably not the only one that takes music to a pers…

Can clams be happy because i'm happy as one....second train catch of the day.

Here I thought KJRY this morning was going to be the highlight of the day then a friend  inboxes me on facebook giving me a heads up on a BNSF Eastbound Coal train heading to my area.  I head to Lewistown and film it near the old CB&Q Depot and to a pleasant surprise instead of the same old same old BNSF Orange and black one locomotive stood out a red and black  Kansas City Southern locomotive BNSF was using.  That made my day to see something different on this line.   I  film it and take a few photo's in Lewistown then head to Bryant and go past it again at Saint David on my way home.  This has made an evening so much better.

BNSF # 8567 (SD70ACe)
KCS# 3943  (SD70MAC)

BNSF #8767  (  SD70ACe)
BNSF# 6035   (ES44AC)

Westbound KJRY on a muggy july day...

Just curious to see if KJRY would  pass by today so when i got up open the window so I can hear them if they come.   I hear them around 10 am so wait for them off Main Street.  I tried to film and photograph but my batteries crapped out so swapped to another.  No Big deal wanted the F units in the film anyway so got it.  I head off to Cuba and photograph off Route 97. Then head outside of Cuba and film them heading towards Smithfield.  I go head them off at Seville but work was being done next to the tracks.  It looked like old rail was being cut in two.  That's what it looked like anyway.  I was more looking for the train.  After 40 minutes go look for the train due to impatience plus wanted to get the car moving and some air.  I  find them in Smithfield picking up cars off a siding.  After a bit of that they depart for Seville so I go back to Seville and film them cross the river.  After that  just said screw it and went home because it was hot.  I  wanted to go as far as Bushne…